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Dealing with a Problem Employee

When you are looking to fill a new position, the wording of your ad/listing is key. Where you are advertising is also a big factor. Utilizing employment agencies that pre-screen applicants to your qualifications can greatly increase the quality of candidates that you see, weeding out the lower quality people ahead of time.Determining who to […]

Termination Series:

A Constructive Face-to-Face Termination

This article is a continuation of our termination series. To view the previous article, click here. This series will go over how a termination decision should be made, how the organization handles problems before making a termination and how to convey the news for a constructive face-to-face termination. There are specific guidelines when terminating because […]

The Official Dirt Cheap Marketing Checklist

This article is a continuation of The Truth About Referral Marketing. If you haven’t done so yet, we recommend reading the first article to get a better context when reading this one. The following is a list of other successful actions you can do to promote your practice and get new patients. They are all […]