The Google Reviews Recovery Guide

Recovering Your Missing Google Reviews

As many of you know, Google reviews are very important for both marketing and search engine optimization purposes. In the past year there have been many reports of private practices losing all of their Google reviews. They simply just disappear with little to no explanation from Google.

Fortunately our marketing partner has found a solution to correct this problem ( is a online marketing agency with a focus on private practice.)

Because you have been such a helpful contributor to our publication, we’ve made arrangements with to assist you if needed and at no cost (as long as you are a verified Hot Tips subscriber and/or Practice Solution Magazine contributor) should you need help in the recovery process. You can either download the below guide and follow instructions on how to fix, or contact or call (971) 241-8629, and we will handle it for you.

To receive our step-by-step Google reviews recovery guide, simply fill out the form and click “Submit”.


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