The Second Step to a Successful Marketing Campaign: Starting Your Surveys

This article is a continuation of “The First Step to a Successful Marketing Campaign: Research.” If you have not yet done so, we recommend reading that article to have full context when reading this one.

Surveying is vital to any successful marketing campaign. Surveying takes the mystery out of anything because it enables you to get a very specific idea of what does and what doesn’t work when selling a product or service. It also helps you to identify your publics and it enables you to find out more data about them.

Surveying takes on many shapes and forms. The definition of survey is:

“SURVEY means ‘a careful examination of something as a whole and in detail.’”

You might not know it, but you have immediate access to survey information from data that you have been collecting for quite some time. This survey information will tell you who your current publics are— and the great news is that all the information is already in your patient files!

If you have a computer database of patient information, gathering the data will be quite easy. If you have only hardcopy files, it will likely take longer; but it’s still worth your time.

To save time when extracting information from patient records, you need only look at your new patient files for the past few months, as this should give you a good idea of your general patient base.

Have your office manager collect from the files the information regarding age, education, occupation, gender, income and location. This information should be laid out and tallied in each of the various categories. Then convert the raw numbers to percentages using the total number of patient files that were inspected. Here’s an example of what this might look like using 100 patient files:


Under 10               8%

10 – 18                20%

18 – 35                30%

35 – 55                30%

55+                     12%



Office Worker      15%

Business             26%

Educator              6%

Service Industry   13%

Artists                10%

Medical               14%

Retired                11%

Other                    5% 



Male                   65%

Female                35%



Bonkersville         70%

Sumner               10%

SE Connerstown  10%

Sheridan             10%

Amassing this data will help you to see exactly who your current patients are and it will help you to target the areas that are bringing you the most business. For example, based on the statistics above, it would be valuable to send out a promotional piece that targets well-educated males in Bonkersville between the ages of 18 and 55.

This is not the only survey action you would do, but it is a fast and effective means of locating valuable publics for you to begin targeting.

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