Private Practice Productivity

How to Monitor the Productivity of a Private Practice

How do you effectively measure the productivity of every area of a health care office? This is something every doctor struggles with and often times never truly gets resolved. However, this absolutely needs to be addressed and worked out for every office in order to accomplish your goals.

No doctor would decide on a treatment plan without properly examining a patient and performing whatever tests are necessary to determine the proper course of action. This is all very scientific and requires specific metrics as part of the examination process.

Let’s examine how this can be easily applied to your practice…

Running the business side of the practice is no different. You must have a means to measure and thereby “see” factually what is going on throughout the practice. Just as you could not drive your car without its various gauges operational, you cannot run a business without having proper productivity measurements to refer to.

For example, how do you objectively know how well your receptionist is doing at his/her job? Do you use the opinion of other staff and/or the receptionist? Do you go by “feeling” in regard to how many patients are showing versus canceling or rescheduling? These are not objective measurements. How do you monitor the productivity of all areas of an office?

We suggest a very specific management by statistics system that takes opinion and guesswork out of how each area of a practice is doing by assigning a relevant production statistic to act as a guideline for the area as well as for the staff member responsible for the area. Without these metrics, you are operating the business side of your practice blindly.

Here are some questions that you might ask yourself:

Do I have any idea if my treatment plan acceptance is getting better or worse or if it is even in a viable range?

Do I have any idea what a viable range for this would be?

Do I have any idea if my receptionist is doing a better or worse job of keeping patients to their schedule, other than “it seems busier”?

Do I have any idea if our recall procedure is working as well this year as it was last year?

I can’t emphasize enough how important statistical monitoring is to the management of a practice. As stated above, without proper metrics, you can’t really see what is going on throughout the business side of a practice.

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