Importance of Online Ratings and Reviews

Beyond having a good website and a good search engine position, you need a solid consumer review base. The biggest trend in the past 5 years as to how people are determining who to do business with is based on consumer reviews.

There are now many consumer review websites out there. These are sites where people can go and write about their experience with any given business. It could be about a dentist, hardware store, car dealer, veterinarian, or optometrist, i.e., any business.

Reviews are a way for the general public to get a sense of who you are, the quality of work you do, the friendliness of your staff, the condition of your office, and your demeanor. This helps them make a decision on whether or not they want to deal with you.

The two biggest consumer review websites on the planet are…

The two biggest consumer review websites on the planet are Yelp and Google.As of this writing, Yelp is reporting over 139,000,000 reviews for the 3rd quarter of 2014 alone! And they receive over 92,000,000 visits per month. It’s gone up every quarter since 2010. According to, Yelp is now the #6 most visited website in the world!

The bottom line is that millions of people, every day, read consumer reviews in order to determine who to do business with.

If you don’t have a good consumer review base or any reviews on either of these two sites, YOU ARE LOSING BUSINESS. PERIOD.

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