Facebook, YouTube, Real Life Examples and More Posting Tips – Part II

Generating genuine and healthy social interaction is the key to any successful social media presence. It’s important to keep things social.

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If you post information and pictures unique to your practice, like a picture of the new receptionist with a little info, pictures of happy clients, satisfied client photos after treatment, monthly specials, client testimonial videos (most modern smart phone camera videos are acceptable in quality). These are the kinds of things your social network are more likely to respond to and interact with.

TIP: When you add a picture or video of a patient/client, make sure you first have their permission to post them to your social network, and if so, tag them in it. This will usually post that video or image on their timeline.

Make sure your clients have joined your social network so that you can tag them.

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Having a YouTube channel is another vital tool that is available to you at no cost from Google, and when properly and adequately managed, it can help your practice visibility.

I’m going to give you some more links to check out below. Take these to heart as they will show you the way to creating the right Youtube channel for your practice.

Kellerman Dental in Glen Carbon, IL. [ View Channel ]
They have several hand held camera videos of patients coming in, getting seated, the interaction with the staff, and the doctor and their treatment. One of these videos is of a 3-year-old’s first dental visit. It has had over 379,000 views!!!!

Veterinarian Susan Eyer-Anderson, DVM, in Hemet, CA. [ View Channel ]
One of her homemade videos is “A day in the life of a vet.. It’s had over 52,000 views.

VisualEyes, an Optometric practice in Boca Raton, FL. [ View Channel ]
They did a professional looking video shoot, documenting the practice history, services etc. It’s just under 2 minutes long and has had over 79,000 views.

Creating videos about your practice, promoting them on your social media pages and on your website can give your potential patients much more information to go on and help them decide to chose your practice.

In summary, social media is a tool for you to use. It takes time and consistent work to make social media happen. None of these things are going to be an overnight success, but with effort and patience, you can create a web presence that will attract interest and change the public perception of your practice.

If you give people a reason to click on your site, they will. If you give them a reason to do business with you, they will. If you create a better web presence than your competitors have, you will be the one to get the call.