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The goal of The Practice Solution Magazine is to provide practice owners with practice management information that will assist them in achieving success.

It is a commonly known fact that the vast majority of owners have had little to no business administration training. It is this fact that causes many doctors to discover that owning and operating a practice is not as easy as they thought it would be and inhibits growth and prosperity. Technical training alone does not prepare doctors for many of the situations they encounter when running a practice.

Lack of knowledge about how to hire, delegate, train staff, market, budget, control the scheduling book, formulate office policy and implement efficient organizational techniques is a major cause of stress and dissatisfaction for doctors.

Our goal is to help practice owners by offering nuts and bolts solutions to management problems. We hope the information we provide in The Practice Solution Magazine helps each and every reader to reach the goals they set for themselves when they went into private practice.

We welcome your feedback and ideas for future issues. Let us know what problems you’d like to solve in your practice so we can tailor our magazine content to address your needs. We’re happy you found The Practice Solution Magazine online and I encourage you to visit often so you can take advantage of the solutions we offer.

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Ken DeRouchie

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