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How The Practice Solution Magazine Research Works

Throughout the year our research team calls and interviews practice owners all over North America to get their input for the various focus articles we are continually working on for our upcoming issues. These interviews are completely anonymous. Doctor’s names are not used and no one is directly quoted in these interviews. We do this anonymously so that doctor’s can speak freely and candidly about the challenges they face in private practice.

The purpose for these interviews is to gather insight and opinions from practice owners about practice management issues currently impacting their profession. We take this information, compile it and present articles focused on offering help, solutions and recommendations for private practice owners.

In each issue of the magazine we deal with issues ranging from the economy, staff management, retirement funding, recall systems, production bonuses and staff incentives, etc. We concentrate on presenting information on anything and everything involving the business and management side of owning and operating a private practice.

Typically these interviews take about 15 to 20 minutes but sometimes go longer if the doctor has a lot to share with us. Doctors are not asked for any personal or financial information. What we are simply looking for is the practice owner’s opinion on a set of questions regarding various aspects of practice management.

If you have been contacted by one of our researchers, we hope this information answers any questions you might have about this activity. We certainly hope to hear back from you to get your opinions and feedback to our questions about managing a practice in today’s economic climate.

If you found this site from a web search or from a link on another site and you: a) own a Dental, Optometry, Veterinary or Podiatry practice and b) would like to volunteer your time for an interview, please call us at 800-695-0257 and ask for the Practice Solution Magazine Research Department and the receptionist will direct you to someone that can schedule your interview.

Thank you for your interest in The Practice Solution Magazine.

We welcome your feedback and ideas for future issues. Let us know what problems you’d like to solve in your practice so we can tailor our magazine content to address your needs. We’re happy you found The Practice Solution Magazine and I encourage you to visit often so you can take advantage of the solutions we offer.

Warm regards,
Wesley Edwards
Executive Director