From The Editor: Practice Management

Practice management.

Those two words sum up the success or failure of any doctor who owns his or her own practice. Running a practice can sometimes seem to require eight arms and three clones of oneself.

From governmental regulations to hiring and training staff, to handling finances and collections, to figuring out how to properly market, improper practice management can often lead to unwanted stress for the untrained doctor.

In this quarter’s issue of The Practice Solution Magazine, we will have profiles from three doctors in different professions that were less than satisfied with their practices. Dr. Jeff Carden, a dentist from Alabama, Dr. Kathleen Bartos, a veterinarian from Florida, and Dr. Tommasina Pasqua, an optometrist from Michigan, all knew that their practices were not operating as productively as they could be. Dr. Bartos was even on the verge of bankruptcy.

Each of these doctors took their practices from where they were to tremendous successes.

How did they do it? Practice management consultants. These doctors recognized that there was something they did not know in how to run a practice and that perhaps someone else could have a different perspective.

I sat down with each doctor to find out why they continued to use practice management consultants considering that their practices have been doing and continue to do so incredibly well. They had very similar responses and yet they all had very specific problems to solve in the beginning.

I think you’ll find their stories interesting.

In this issue, you’ll also find some gold nuggets of practice management advice for doctors and office managers. We are also continuing to provide industry specific news and Dr. Barry Levy joins us again for a follow up on last quarter’s story regarding minimum standards of infection control for dentists.



Ken DeRouchie
Managing Editor
The Practice Solution Magazine

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