PROFILE: Dr. Tommasina Pasqua

Fresh Out of School Michigan Optometrist goes from $84,000 to $425,000 in 3 years!


Dr. Tommasina Pasqua

Practice: Harrisville Eye Care

Location: Harrisville, Michigan

A 1998 Dean’s List graduate of the Michigan School of Optometry at Ferris State University, Dr. Tommasina Pasqua opened her office right out of school while also being employed at an ophthalmology practice.

During her first 3 years in practice she worked part-time at her practice and was producing $80,000 per year, which is very respectable for a starting part-time practice.

However, her accounts receivable was out of control and she didn’t have the time to put things to rights due to working all the time. She was having problems with staff members, felt that she was stuck in an old building and that she should be seeing more patients. Not only that, she had a newborn to take care of.

With all of these issues weighing her down, Dr. Pasqua decided to hire practice management consultants to put some order in. This was in 2002. Within 8 months of hiring her consultants, Dr. Pasqua had recouped her investment. She currently is working full-time, seeing patients 4 days a week and made $425,000 in production last year. That is a 500% rise over only 2 years!

“I’m continuing with my consultants because I want to take my practice to the next level and increase my net. I want to start a second practice and buy excellent equipment to better service my patients,” said Dr. Pasqua, “Currently, I’m getting guidance in financial planning. Each course I take causes my statistics to go up.”

She said, “Right now, delivery is great and I like giving my undivided attention to one-on-one patient care. To be honest, I especially like the fashion aspect of optometry. I like helping people with frame selection because it makes them feel good when they find the frame they love.”

Building the practice has enabled Dr. Pasqua to participate more in local activities. She recently accepted a position on the board of Tawas St. Joseph Hospital. She has very diverse interests. In the past she was a music instructor for elementary school students, plays the organ and has a high interest in music theory. Not only that, she is a certified aerobics instructor with a passion for traveling. Her favorite travel destinations are Puerto Vallarta, Mexico; Portland, Oregon; and Southern Italy.

“Anyone starting their first optometry practice should start with training from a practice management company. This is a business and if you don’t know what to do, you can’t pay the bills,” recommended Dr. Pasqua.

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