Publishers Note: Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

Some changes have occurred within The Practice Solution Magazine over this past quarter. I have moved on to the official publisher position for The Practice Solution Magazine and we have recruited a new managing editor to handle the day-to-day activities.

Our new managing editor, Matthew Bratschi, is a transplant from Washington, DC where he worked in public relations for 14 years. Most recently, Bratschi was president of the Northern Virginia PR firm, Creative Professional Resources. He is also an experienced writer, media analyst and interviewer.

We look forward to seeing him implement his visions for the expansion of The Practice Solution Magazine.

Our plans for the coming year include a change in design for the website and a broader marketing of the Forums section to engage readers in broader debate about questions of practice management. We will also be adding to our base of articles and providing additional resources for you to use.

I want to thank you very much for your continued readership of The Practice Solution Magazine. If you have any questions regarding the format or content of our magazine, please send me e-mail. I look forward to your responses.

As always, if you are having management problems with your healthcare practice or small business, don’t get frustrated – contact us and we can help in some way.


Ken DeRouchie

The Practice Solution Magazine

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