Noah’s Ark Veterinarians International to Provide Assistance

Noah’s Ark Veterinarians International will be providing emergency veterinary assistance to animal victims. In the wake of the tsunami devastation, Sri Lanka is under an increased threat of disease outbreaks.

Noah’s Ark Veterinarians International (NOAV), a newly formed Israeli/US Veterinary Non profit relief organization, is preparing to set up a fully-equipped, modern veterinary hospital in Sri Lanka in response to appeals from the Sri Lankan health and animal authorities.

NOAV, in partnership with the Ministry of Health and the Veterinary Services of Sri Lanka, is also initiating a program to address the immediate outbreak of Human Rabies due to the conditions following the Tsunami disaster and to assist them in implementing a long term nationwide modernization program to eradicate the disease.

In addition, NOAV volunteers and funding will be assisting in projects dealing with the care and medical relief for wildlife and domestic animals in the area.

According to the Sri Lankan Minister of Agriculture and animal and livestock, more than 30000 Sri Lankan families depend on livestock to generate their household income hence the urgent need for global assistance in resupplying farm livestock, and housing, feeding and medical care for the existing animals that support the regional economy.

NOAV International was founded by Israeli Veterinarian, Dr. Eytan Kriener of “the House of Veterinarian Doctors” Macabim, Israel, in response to the enormous devastation wrought by the tsunami in East Asia.

In early March 2005, a NOAV volunteer flew to the tsunami-hit region to meet with high-ranking officials to discuss how veterinarians could aid the relief effort. Initiating Noah’s Ark Veterinarian’s International relief organization (NOAV) Dr. Kreiner has funded the Sri Lankan Tsunami Project solely through donations from private individuals and leading Israeli corporate sponsors.

El-Al Israel Airlines and Flying Cargo have pledged to fly the hospital equipment food and medicines as far as Bangkok, Thailand. Nestle Purina donations of pet food are stocked at Ben Gurion Airport in Israel, along with medical supplies from Sar-El Medical. The IDF Medical Corps, hospitals and health organizations are all contributing medical equipment. But the mission is still a work in progress.

To complete NOAV International’s medical inventory and logistical requirements to reach Sri Lanka, NOAV is issuing an urgent appeal to all aid and relief organizations, philanthropic institutions and individuals. NOAV is urgently seeking additional equipment and further sources of funding to complete this mission.

NOAV needs to raise $75000 to cover the following expenses:
-Funds to cover the costs of additional medical equipment
-Funds to cover round-trip travel and living expenses for rotating Vets and Volunteers
-Funds to move the cargo from Bangkok to Sri Lanka
-Volunteer Veterinarians to rotate in one to two month sessions on location
-Veterinarian Medical Schools Internships, Volunteer students, vet techs and volunteers with interests in animal welfare and care to partner with this effort
-Interns or volunteers to assist with the nonprofit NOAV International fundraising effort in the USA
-Frequent Flyer Miles donations to NOAV International Flight Bank
-Volunteer Veterinarians with international experience in tropical and emergency medicine in voluntary advisory or on site capacity
-Immediate and urgent donation of 6 roundtrip economy plance tickets from Amman, Jordan to Sri Lanka
-The Sri Lankan Mission Project target operations start date is June 2005

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