Americans Eye Yellow Pages When Searching for Optometrists

Americans Eye Yellow Pages When Searching for Optometrists
”Optometrist” Yellow Pages Heading Referenced 47 Million Times Per Year

Whether seeking vision therapy, eyewear, contact lenses or a comprehensive eye exam, more than 13 million Americans look for optometrists each year in the Yellow Pages, reports the Yellow Pages Association.

In fact, the “Optometrist” Yellow Pages heading generates more than 47 million look-ups per year and ranks 52nd out of more than 4,000 headings. The need for eye care services is expected to grow through 2012 in response to the vision care needs of a growing and aging population. Baby boomers will be more likely to visit optometrists because of the onset of vision trouble in middle age, including problems resulting from extensive computer use, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

“Optometrists are the primary providers of eye care in the United States, so it makes perfect sense for them to appear in the Yellow Pages,” said Richard L. Wallingford, Jr., O.D., president of the American Optometric Association (AOA). “Because optometrists serve patients in nearly 6,500 communities across the country, it’s important that patients know how to find them locally through the Yellow Pages.”

After referencing the “Optometrist” heading, 91 percent of users make contact with an optometrist by phone, in person or by mail, demonstrating the power of the Yellow Pages in a buying decision. These figures lead to $7 of revenue for every $1 spent on Yellow Pages display advertising by local optometrists.

“Optometrists have historically relied on print and Internet Yellow Pages to help generate business because of the medium’s high return on investment,” said Larry Small, director of research for the YPA. “In fact, the average optometrist Yellow Pages display ad generates more than $65,000 in revenue annually.”


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