Natural Treatments Offer Best Hope For Cats With Feline AIDS

A new book offers hope for cats diagnosed with Feline AIDS, a disease once thought to be untreatable. Feline AIDS: A Pet Owner’s Guide by Thomas Hapka explains the Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV) and outlines effective treatment strategies. Often confused with HIV or the human AIDS virus, Feline AIDS is NOT transferable to humans.

Each year, thousands of cats are diagnosed with Feline AIDS, also known as the Feline Immunodeficiency Virus or FIV. Well-meaning veterinarians often tell pet owners this disease is untreatable, but hope and help are now available.

Feline AIDS: A Pet Owner’s Guide by Thomas Hapka outlines simple, affordable treatment plans, which often require little more than a trip to your local health food store. The book is meant to address an important need.

“When my own cat was diagnosed, I was shocked to learn there were no books or useful articles available on this subject,” Hapka said. “By publishing this book, I hope to provide pet owners the information they need to assure prompt, effective treatment for their FIV+ cats.”

According to Lita Radford, professional homeopath and owner-operator of, “…Thomas Hapka has written this book in such a way that in one hour or less you will have enough information to get your cat on the road to recovery. Briefly, but ever so thoroughly, you will have sound knowledge of this disease, and better still, be equipped with the tools you need to do something about it.”

FIV is a virus that attacks the infected cat’s immune system, leaving the animal vulnerable to a broad range of infections. Although the disease behaves similarly to HIV, it cannot be transmitted to humans.

“Many people panic when they hear the word AIDS,” Hapka said. “I recently received a heartbreaking email from a woman in Australia who euthanized her beloved family cat, mistakenly believing the animal could give AIDS to her grandchildren. Cases like this are especially tragic because Feline AIDS is exclusively a feline disease. It is NOT possible for humans to catch AIDS from a cat.”

Another misconception is that a diagnosis of FIV is an automatic death sentence. Hapka, however, contends that cats receiving natural therapies and proper medical care can live for extended periods with few or no symptoms.

“By using the treatment strategies in this book, pet owners can strengthen their cats’ immune systems, helping to protect these animals from common infections that can otherwise prove life threatening for FIV+ cats,” says Hapka.

Feline AIDS: A Pet Owner’s Guide explains how to:

• recognize the early symptoms of FIV
• choose appropriate conventional treatments
• use natural treatment strategies
• find useful resources, including holistic practitioners and supplement companies

Thomas Hapka is a freelance writer and graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater. He learned of FIV in 1995 when his cat, Jac, was diagnosed. Since then, he has consulted with hundreds of pet owners. His clients have spanned nine countries and included two American zoos. Hapka has been featured in the magazine Australian National Cat, and his web site has received more than 80,000 visitors.

Feline AIDS: A Pet Owner’s Guide, published by Kitter House Press, is now available through and

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