From the Editor: Hiring, Orientation and Firing: A Constant Struggle

It’s amazing how prevalent issues involving hiring and firing personnel can be across a spectrum of vocations. As probably the only practice management publication that conducts ongoing surveys of doctors in various healthcare professions, our surveys continue to document the immense stress involved with personnel issues in private practice.

Every day our surveyors find doctors who know they could have more efficient and productive practices were it not for the various personnel problems that they have to deal with. Unfortunately, one or two bad apples in a practice can undermine the constant efforts on the part of doctors to expand their practices. Decent employees suffer for it. Our surveys show this over and over.

Such situations often come down to lack of any know-how on how to properly hire. How do you get that dream employee? How do you offload the employee who spends his/her days surfing the Internet, daydreaming or being generally non-productive?

In this issue, we provide some successful practice management solutions for the screening and hiring process when looking for productive employees. We also provide information on how to terminate the bad apples. You’ll also learn about how to best orient a new employee to your practice with the least amount of downtime.

As usual we also provide news articles from a range of sources that we hope you find interesting and useful. Additionally, our profiles of three different doctors will provide a cross-section on how practice management consulting can help with staff issues and be a real boon to one’s success.

I’m also putting out a call for any of our readers who are interested in sharing their experiences. We’ve had, in past issues, great contributions from some readers. We would like more! Please let me know if you are interested in contributing any articles about your practice and/or health care management issues for inclusion in Practice Solution.


Cory Radosevich

Managing Editor

The Practice Solution Magazine

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