From the Editor

I hope you find this issue as informative as previous issues and I hope to continue to give you the most recent up to date articles on health care and management concerns.

In this issue, there is a profile on Dr. Vincent Dolce, DMD of Palm Beach, Florida written by former National Geographic TV producer, Chuck Friedman. Chuck was in the middle of creating a documentary on community leaders and the qualities of leadership when he discovered Dr. Dolce. You should find this to be a very informative article.

Lisa Thayer, co-owner of, returns with the second part of a four-part series on search engine marketing. This is a very interesting article that delves more deeply into the often mysterious world of making yourself known on the Internet.

An article profiling a different Florida dentist, Dr. Lee Sheldon and his charitable activities, has also been added. It contains some excellent ideas on how you can use community outreach to boost the profile of your medical practice whether you are a dentist, optometrist, veterinarian or any medical professional.

In addition, we have our usual complement of profession-specific news stories and our regular practice management articles that you can use right now to benefit your practice.


Cory D. Radosevich

The Practice Solution Magazine

Managing Editor

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