From the Editor

In this issue of The Practice Solution Magazine you will find several follow up articles from past contributors. One of my favorites is the conclusion of a story of “What I Did Wrong” by Dr Lee Shuwarger of Amarillo, Texas. I hope you enjoy the conclusion of this story as much as I did. If you haven’t already, please visit our last issue (issue 12) for the first part of this entertaining article.

I have also done my best to include articles from other contributors to offer additional advise and thoughts on the current financial climate and what you can do to be more prepared to ride out the storm. One article that is long but fascinating is called “The Financial Crisis: A Look Behind the Wizard’s Curtain”. If you have been wondering how this whole financial debacle came about, take the time to read this article and you will be educated in a way that you may not have expected.

Further, you will find specific articles designed for one of the more important employees in your practice, your receptionist. This often over-looked and under-trained employee holds a very important position in your practice. The receptionist does so much more than just answering the phone. Often, it is the receptionist that will determine if your practice is going to have a productive day or an empty schedule. Invest some time in reading these articles and I am sure you will find some useful tips to pass on to your staff.

As always, you will find articles taken from the World Wide Web that are practice specific and news worthy that help to keep our readers attuned to what is going on in their profession.

Finally a big “Thank you!” goes out to all of the doctors across the U.S. and Canada that have taken time out of their day to discuss their practice issues with our research staff. Your answers are very valuable when determining what is on the minds of the health care field and compiling issues of some interest to our readers.

Cory D. Radosevich

Managing Editor

The Practice Solution Magazine


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