Electronic Reminder Survey Results

Here are the survey results that we have gathered from our readers regarding their Electronic Reminder Systems. After the results themselves you will find a synopsis of our conclusions.

If you have not already done our survey on Electronic Reminder Systems, please help our publications by doing so. Click here to take our survey >>. Whether you have used, no longer use or have never used an automated reminder system, you can fill out this survey, so we are able to gather a more complete picture. As a thank you for your help, we have a variety of gift options that you can select from.


Are you using an automated, appointment confirmation service?


Does it send out text reminders?


Does it send out email reminders?


Does it do recorded call reminders?


It’s ease of implementation:


Improvements you have seen in kept appointments:


Its ease of Use:

Promoter Score

(This comes from how likely is it that you would recommend this company to a friend or colleague)

Promoters – (score 9-10) are loyal enthusiasts who will keep buying and refer others, fueling growth
Passives – (score 7-8) are satisfied but unenthusiastic customers who are vulnerable to competitive offerings.
Detractors – (score 0-6) are unhappy customers who can damage your brand and impede growth through negative word-of-mouth.

Top overall score:

№ 1 – DemandForce
№ 2 – Lighthouse
№ 3 – Patient Care
№ 4 – Vet Shout
№ 5 – OrthoExec
№ 6 – Televox

Top Promoter Scores:

№ 1 – Demandforce
№ 2 – ePet Health
№ 3 – Rapport

Most Helpful Features:

№ 1 – Automation for multiple areas/creating efficiency (texts, emails, calls, reviews, etc.)
№ 2 – Customizing features/new features being added
№ 3 – Ease of use and customer service

Main Complaints:

№ 1 – Nothing
№ 2 – Price
№ 3 – Lack of customizing to own practice
№ 4 – Limited length in messaging


In general our readers have found these systems to be highly useful and beneficial. When asked, “Is there anything about this service that you don’t like?”

  • 47% of our readers responded that there was nothing that they didn’t like about it.
  • 45% find it easy to use.
  • 50% percent found it ease to implement.
  • 47.5% are highly likely to recommend their product.
  • The #1 complaint is “nothing.”

The anomaly, given all of the high marks above, is that only 20% of people strongly agree it improved appointments being kept. This indicates a difficulty with one of the major aspects of practice management, objectively managing. Without knowing what specific statistics to track in a practice, and what management steps to take based on those statistics, one is left making subjective decisions based on feeling or gut instinct.

The most predominate reminder service in use by those practices that we polled was Demandforce. Of those practices utilizing Demandforce, the vast majority of users gave it outstanding marks in ease of use, implementation and the like. Furthermore, 60% of those using Demandforce are not using, unaware of, or have not added the call reminder functionality to their Demandforce. This highlights how often tools and people are underutilized. Getting trained and understanding the capabilities of each tool and team member is essential which is why job descriptions for every aspect of the practice are so important.

According to our readership the most effective aspect of all these reminder systems is the text messaging functionality. Some of our practices offered additional ways to utilize texting outside of sending reminders for appointments. For example, some practices are having success with generating positive reviews on Google, Yelp and other social media platforms by texting patients to solicit those. Another use is sending surveys which are one of the most underutilized and incorrectly used tools for generating growth in your practice.

The second most negative aspect of this entire subject for our readers is the price of these types of systems. In our opinion, this would be directly linked to the above paragraph on objective management systems. For any business expense in a practice, the question should never be about the cost or price of any equipment, system or training; the real question should be one of return on investment.

The more control you have over your practice, the smoother it will run and the more profitable it will be. This is simple and easy to see and understand. To gain control, you must increase the knowledge and tools that you use for managing your practice. Think how much more success you would have if you were as trained and effective of a practice manager as you are a doctor. You would be able to easily know when you are not looking at a problem but are looking at the symptoms. You can then locate the root cause of those symptoms, and know exactly what to do to remedy the situation to bring about the desired condition.

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